EvoShop Manuals For Designers

  • Weekend Event, this HUD only works from Saturday midnight to Monday 11:59am (noon)
  • Setup time - Monday noon (12:00am) to Friday 6:00pm
  • Items may be not new, not exclusive and not original mesh
  • Only 1 rule - 60L$ (fatpacks/demos allowed)
  • Up to 3 vendors/weekend
  • Participation fee: 750 L$/round Click here to Teleport to Booth - Make sure you have EvoShop Designers group!
  • EvoShop Commission for customers that buy in HUD: 9L /sale (15%)
  • EvoShop Commission for teleports to your store: 0 L$
  • Distorted/stretched/shrank avatars or logos in submitted images will be instantly rejected
  • Download mandatory logo to add to vendor pics:
  1. Rez EvoShop HUDs Giver 1 or 2 in your events wall (if you have an inworld store.
  2. In-world Group advertisement must include your EvoShop submitted products (if you have a group)
  3. Social Networks advertisement must include your EvoShop submitted products
  4. Products on EvoShop that are also in in-world store must have EvoShop LOGO on them

Note: You will be sent a notification e-mail if your product is rejected.

EvoShop Weekend Sales only

Sponsor booth: 900L$/round (limited to 8)

The first 8 designers to buy sponsor at EvoShop Booth Will populate the first 8 fixed spots in the HUD.

After payment, you will see a checkbox for sponsor above each container in the Dashboard > My Vendor 60L.

Sponsored perks:

  1. Show first in the HUD in fixed positions of first paid 1st to 8th.
  2. Show first in the Album with your landmark to your store

Standard containers are shuffled randomly to give proper fairness to all vendors to be seen.


  • Rez the EvoShop Giver Boards (inside your Creator Package) at your store so that visitors can get the HUD (or make your own as the script is full perm)
  • Send the EvoShop HUD as attachment to your group
  • Advertise your release and the EvoShop MP Link: https://bit.ly/evoshophud



Tag and follow, we will use your socials to follow you back and tag you in our posts

EvoShop Staff is Sponsoring all the ads on blogs, Facebook Business, Flickr PRO, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Seraphim/Media-SL/SugarSL Ads, TOP Clubs/Venues Ad boards and Daily ON-AIR radio coverage all over SL for you, whilst we have many thousands of EvoSubscribers.

Allow your products to be blogged in your Dashboard - My Vendor - Edit Store Info (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALLOW).

Make sure your social networks are set in the Edit Store Info.

EvoBloggers have a HUD that only they can access and whenever one of your products is picked up, both You and Us are notified.

Our bloggers are subject to very strict rules and they are monitored closely.

Examples: https://evoshopevent.com/bloggers

HUDs Usage and EvoCredits LIVE video:

Designers do NOT need to give permission to their linden balance.

Payments are delivered in avg. 30 seconds from the time of purchase from the customer in the HUD.

Under Dashboard > Transactions, all real Second Life transaction ID's are logged as well as full detailed information about each transaction and split commissions if applicable

How UPDATES work:

An Update Sphere will automatically be sent to you or you can click 'Update' in your Container's menu.

Rez it on the floor in the same region you have the Containers and the Redelivery Box to update them and get a backup folder with the new version package.

Please note that if your container has an active vendor, updating will require a resubmission of vendor. Redelivery Boxes required no action.

The dashboard doesn't accept my images even though they are under 1MB file size

- Make sure you do NOT translate the dashboard pages. Disable all your browser translations, Dashboard must be in its native language, English.

Where can I pay?

Can I have 2 brands on EvoShop with 1 avatar?

- no

What is the minimum amount of submissions?

- 1 vendor each 2 months

I made a mistake in my product, how to update everyone that bought it?

- We are working on a menu for the Redelivery Box where you will be able to resend to all that bought. Meanwhile just replace the item with exact same name and customers can use redeliver.

What's the easy way to track sales?

- Dashboard -> Sales Details, or for full information, Dashboard -> Transactions, you can scroll horizontally to see the full data to the right

Why isn't my vendor showing in the HUD after an approved item of my Product Set?

- Check if you sent all items for approval, your Vendor will not go live until ALL Container items of your product are approved.